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Here's what the Pros have to say...

Terry McLauren, NFL Wide Receiver
"SportStretch USA with Christy really helped me thrive and recover during my pre draft process.  Everyday I had someone to stretch me and/or give me a massage to help me recover from the previous training session and be prepared for the next.  Her hands on approach, person-ability, and care for the athletes is her main priority and she’s willing to do anything to help the athletes preform at their highest level.  There is nobody I trust more to help me recover my body the proper way!"


Derek Holland, MLB Pitcher

"Can’t thank these people enough for what they did to help me get ready for the season. They have prepared me with exercise to help with the areas I was tight in. The quality of service was awesome. Easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and made sure each individual athlete was well taken care of.  Seriously recommend everyone to try, doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not. These people care and they will help you and make sure you leave feeling your best.

Ryquell Armstead, NFL Running Back
"SportStretch therapy helped me get through combine training and on to the next level of the NFL in such a positive way! This therapy helped me recover faster and gain a sense of stability, making sure I'm well stretched and body is ready to go.  She does a great job at focusing on small problems you may have and just understanding your body as a whole! Because of Christy, I was able to kill the combine this year and to this day still use SportStretch over any therapist that comes my way! Stop wasting your time and go get the best in the game to stretch you out."


Parry Nickerson, NFL Cornerback
"SportStretch USA has been very great for me throughout my preparation for the NFL Combine. Christy provides service above and beyond required and that’s what I like about her. The stretching and massage services provided is what I needed to stay on top of my body during preparation for combine and during the season."

Danny Johnson, NFL Cornerback

"Where do I start? SportStretch USA has a played a big role throughout my entire process! During combine training, SportStretch USA changed my body tremendously and allowed me to train at full speed everyday with no injuries! Before this program, my body felt as if every muscle was balled up, and this program loosened up every muscle that felt that way! The work environment was always professional and everyone loved what they were doing! I never had to question if they knew what they were doing because I reaped the benefits of it everyday! After a session I felt like a new person and was ready for whatever the day had to offer! I think this is the best program ever created!!!"


Nick Brossette, XFL Running Back

"SportStretch helped me get through my combine training.  Christy is great at what she does and also understands what it takes to be great!  This therapy helped me recover faster and she understood what parts of my body needed the most work!  Christy is one of the best out there and a great person.  I recommend you to go check her out someday!"

Mason Schreck, NFL Tight End


"SportStretch was one of the most unique things I’ve ever done.  In order to play at the professional level, you have to be willing to invest in taking care of your body.  SportStretch was the whole package all in 1, combining Stretching with Massage and Trigger Point Therapy.  It’s something that the more you do, the more it will benefit.  It helped me come back stronger after my knee injury and I fully support SportStretch Therapy.  Whether you play in the NFL or work a 9-5, SportStretch can help you achieve your goals."

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CJ Spiller, NFL Running Back


"SportStretch was very beneficial for me while I was playing in Buffalo.  I wasn't the most flexible person but after years of the stretching after massage, I could tell my flexibility had gotten better over the years.  So, I would definitely recommend to anyone that's looking for a great stretch or even trying to gain more flexibility to give it a try because it definitely works."

Stevie Johnson, NFL Wide Receiver


"Was referred to Christy by Andra Davis in 2010.  The work was like none other, very beneficial for me.  She kept me on the field for years and able to move comfortably through injuries and bad aches.  Great for my professional well-being.  I'd refer Christy and her techniques to everyone simply because I know she has put in the work and flights around the world to learn the techniques she has attained.  Thanks for all the times. Peace"

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Eric Wood, NFL Center


"I have found that the stretching post massage has been extremely beneficial for me.  I have gained flexibility and maintain it throughout the season.  I would recommend it to athletes or anyone looking to increase flexibility or mobility."

Thad Lewis, NFL Quarterback


"Christy Swiatkowski has been working on me since 2013 and the difference from her and other Massage Therapists is that she's thorough and very detailed.  She added in a stretch part to our sessions and that worked miracles.  I was able to move better, recover quicker and it was a game changer for me.  Most important, she's professional and a great person.  If you haven't tried her work, I encourage any athlete or everyday working person to give her a call."

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David Nelson, NFL Wide Receiver 


"Christy played a large part in my success as an NFL Athlete. My sessions with her included the perfect combination of massage and stretching, which allowed me to perform at my best on Sundays. There is no one like Christy and her knowledge coupled with application is unrivaled!" 


Alex Sahlen, Women's Professional Soccer League


"Massage and Stretching were a massive part of my success as a professional soccer player for 5 years.  Mobility and flexibility are crucial to an athlete in so many different ways, and it certainly is difficult to find a program like SportStretch.  When I found it, I never looked back. Christy's Sportstretch increased my range of motion and no doubt made the difference in critical moments in training and games.  The progression and improvement in my body from SportStretch unique stretching is unparalleled. SportStretch changed my life not only as a professional athlete, but now as a mom of three.  It has helped me conquer pregnancies, c-sections and postpartum recoveries keeping me active, healthy and feeling young for my family.
I would wholeheartedly recommend SportStretch to everyone - whether you are a professional athlete looking to get the edge over your competition, or a mom of three who needs to stay fit, strong, and mobile for her family."

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