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My vision for SportStretch® was to create a thorough stretching routine that can be performed on any size 

body, for professionals who work with athletes of both smaller and larger stature.  As mentioned before, SportStretch® can be performed on anyone but I've created this routine based on the less flexible and larger statured clients I personally work on in my Sports Massage practice.  I've noticed a major difference in the flexibility of several of my clients, using a broad combination of stretching techniques I've learned over the years, which proves that, with consistency, this routine can work for anyone.  With consistent sessions, the end result is a decrease in soft tissue injuries, increased flexibility and range of motion and overall healthier athletes.

I would like to further my vision by having the opportunity to teach the SportStretch® routine in training facilities where professional athletes spend their time staying in tip top shape during their off season. This will not only provide the students of my classes to experience the benefits of practicing SportStretch® on 

realistic sized clients who are athletes at the professional level but also give them a chance to showcase their work in an atmosphere that they may consider pursuing for the future of their Sports Massage career. It will also prove to the athletes receiving the treatment, just how beneficial this type of bodywork can be if they're consistent with their sessions.  Feedback from the athletes is a major part of the learning process.  As you can see, the benefits are a two way street in this setting.  

I often stress to my clients that flexibility along with mobility and stability are the key to maintaining a healthy body and I look forward to sharing this unique program with other Body Workers.  


The slideshow below shows myself performing some of the SportStretch® positions on NFL athletes.  This is just a sample of what would be taught throughout the SportStretch® curriculum.

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